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What Is Wrong With Us?

By Pastor Bill
Just a few years after the American Revolution took place in the later part of the 1700’s, the French Revolution began. One aspect of this revolution was the use of the guillotine. Over a 2-year period in the late 1700’s thousands were beheaded and these executions were carried out in the public square. For a time, these executions became a form of entertainment that attracted crowds of spectators, with vendors selling programs listing the names of those who would be executed that day. Ladies would set up chairs and sit close by, knitting and watching, as the blade of the guillotine would fall.
From the beginning of time, mankind’s ability to inflict pain upon each other and to – at times – see it as entertainment causes me to wonder, “What is Wrong With Us?”
In our present culture our capacity to inflict pain takes many forms including spousal abuse, child abuse and inflicting pain upon ourselves. At times it is carried out in public, many times it takes place behind closed doors.
What is Wrong With Us is the name of the 3-week series that I begin in the Auditorium next Sunday, August 13th.     The answer to the question is a 3-letter word – Sin – that subtly disguises itself so that we often aren’t even aware of its active presence in our lives.   Here is the series overview:
August 13: Sin takes the form of Yeast. Mark 8:15
August 20: Sin takes the form of Self-Deceit. I Samuel 15
August 27: Sin takes the form of Unbelief. Jeremiah 15:5-14
As we come to discover what is wrong with us, we’ll look to Jesus who is able to take what is wrong in us and make it right.