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Church Board Report to the Congregation – May 2017

The Church Board’s monthly meeting took place on Thursday evening, May 4th.   Here is a summary report from the May board meeting:

General Items

Every month at the start of the meeting, one of the staff meets alone with the board for approximately 20 minutes before the rest of the staff joins the meeting.   This is done on a rotating basis with Pastor Jim’s turn coming this month.
Attendance figures were reported, with an average Sunday morning attendance of 847 for the month of April. Contributions averaged $23,070 for the month of April (the weekly goal is $21, 211). We ended the month $5,211 ahead of our Spending Plan goal and $25,000 ahead of giving last year at this time.
Pastor Shaun gave an update in regards to the ongoing search for a Youth Director.   There were two potential candidates who were interviewed and under consideration by the Youth Director Search Committee.  One accepted a position elsewhere and the other is no longer being considered. The Search Committee continues to review all applications that are received. As the search continues, we covet your prayers for the committee and for the person who is to fill this position.     

Discussion Items

Since the beginning of the year we have acknowledged that “The Reason We Exist” as a local church has become somewhat muddled.   Towards that end the Board has committed to praying for direction, and has also been setting aside time at each board meeting to discern the Lord’s will and discern our purpose.
Each board member was asked to submit back in April 1 one or more proposed “Purpose Statements” for our church. The board reviewed these at the May board meeting with 3 words or themes emerging.
#1  Jesus
Of the 16 suggestions that were received, the name of Jesus (or Christ, God, Savior) were found in 14 of them. Some suggestions focused on the aspect of “Knowing Him” (Discipleship) while others emphasized “Making Him Known” (Evangelism). Some emphasized both.
#2  Community 
This word appeared in 8 of the 16 suggestions. Some emphasized the “Community of Believers” (the church) aspect, while others focused more on “Community Outreach”.
#3  Loving
The words “Love/Caring/Meeting Needs” appeared in 6 of the 16 suggestions. Those who suggested these themes view them as a way to build community (see #2) within our church and reach the community at large.
As the Board continues to pray and define our purpose, we are looking for something that our congregation can support, get behind, and go beyond mere words.
Are you able to say that you are personally committed to Knowing Jesus (Discipleship) and Making Him Known (Evangelism)?
Are you able to say that you are personally committed to the “Community of Believers” here at Five Forks, and are you willing to play an active role in Community Outreach/Involvement?  This will involve loving, caring for and meeting the needs of those both in our church and community.
These are questions that as a board we must ask ourselves, for we cannot ask for your commitment if we are not committed.
Even if you are committed, do you think this is something our congregation can support, get behind, and be committed to?
Are there other suggestions that you have for the board to consider when it comes to “Our Purpose”? Please pass any suggestions along to any member of the Church Board.
Your Church Board consists of…
Staff: Voting members: Bill Shank, Shaun Kipe. Non-voting members: Ray Kipe, Brian Black, Jim Recard, Josh Roach
Congregational Representatives (elected at Annual Council) :  Matt Nolt, Harvey Payne, Angie Petersheim, Todd Smith, Joel Wenger, Lin Yoder
Deacon Representatives: Darwin Chamberlin, Mike Garland
Grounds & Maintenance Representative: Mike Hawbecker
Church Treasurer:  Gene Gorman
Sandy Gray serves as the recording secretary (non-voting member)