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New Sermon Series: The Story of the Lamb

This Sunday Pastor Bill begins a 5-week sermon series in the Auditorium called “The Story of the Lamb.”   It’s an astounding story that starts at the very beginning of the Bible and goes to the very end.
It begins in Genesis 4 with barely a mention of any lamb, and then as we make our way through the Scriptures we see the story of the Lamb begin to unfold and develop.
Later in Genesis the lamb is missing.
In Exodus the lamb is lying dead on a table, an innocent sacrifice.
In Isaiah we see for the first time that the lamb is a Man.
In John’s Gospel we see that He is a specific Man.
By the time we get to Revelation the Lamb is on the throne reigning eternally.
You and I are going to see this buildup as book after book, stage after stage, century after century, each time the Lamb is mentioned we gain new insight and understanding into the work of Jesus.
It will be similar to what happens every morning at dawn.   It’s only as the sun comes up over the horizon that more and more light is revealed.   It’s the same way with The Story of the Lamb.   Starting this week and for the following 4 weeks, God is going to be increasing the light, revealing more and more about the coming of the Lamb, the arrival of the Lamb, the eternal reign of the Lamb…and what it all means for you.