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No Minor Lapse

The Bell Choir played for the final time (for the 2016-17 season) in the Auditorium at 8:00
Sunday morning in the Auditorium Pastor Ray spoke about justice…and injustice.   He began by reminding us of the role of the prophets, and how God was raging against injustice through their words.  Who are those among us that we are inclined to overlook…the vulnerable in our community today?
Jesus taught that a lack of concern for the poor is not a minor lapse, but reveals something that is seriously wrong with one’s spiritual compass, the heart.  One’s heart attitude towards the poor reveals one’s heart attitude towards Christ.
Pastor Brian began his message in the Chapel – A Farewell to God – by sharing a sad story about a man by the name of Charles Templeton.  In the 1940’s he was about as well known as Billy Graham.  In the late 50’s, he rejected his faith, and Brian used Templeton’s story to take us to I John, chapter 2 which served as our Scripture text for the message.
You’ll be able to access text copies of both messages soon, and a video of the 9:30 service will be posted in the next 24-48 hours.