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Church Board Report to the Congregation – April 2017

The Church Board’s monthly meeting took place on Thursday evening, April 6th.   Here is a summary report from the April board meeting:


Every month at the start of the meeting, one of the staff meets alone with the board for approximately 20 minutes before the rest of the staff joins the meeting.   This is done on a rotating basis with Pastor Brian’s turn coming this month. Note: Every month Pastor Bill (serving this year as Administrative Pastor) meets alone with the board for the final 30 minutes of each meeting.
Attendance figures were reported, with an average Sunday morning attendance of 764 for the month of March.   (767 in January and 776 in February.) Contributions averaged $20,486 for the month of March. We ended the month $4,000 behind our Spending Plan goal but $12,000 ahead of giving last year at this time.
Pastor Shaun gave an update in regards to the ongoing search for a Youth Director. There were two potential candidates who were interviewed and under consideration by the Youth Director Search Committee, one who has since accepted a position elsewhere.   The Search Committee will be meeting this week to determine the next course of action.
A brief report was given regarding the Allegheny Regional Conference which was held a week ago Saturday in Chambersburg. More information will be forthcoming in the near future. 


The Board approved a detailed job description for the maintenance position that we have here at Five Forks.   For the past several years four hours per week were set aside to help cover general maintenance with Gene Gorman filling this role.   This year the board is looking to increase the hours to 6-8 and will be looking to bring on someone who has or will – among other things – acquire and maintain a basic understanding of the numerous church systems (fire, phone, alarm, sewer, HVAC, water, etc.).   This position (with the job description) will soon be posted and applications/resumes will be received.
Caitlin Recard has accepted a position as a Middle School Social Studies teacher in Kenya, Africa.   She will be serving as a missionary, teaching an American style curriculum to both missionary and international students. She will be starting to raise funds ($151/month and a one-time start up cost of $7,000) as she plans to begin serving in approximately 4 months.   The board has committed to providing financial support if necessary.


Since the beginning of the year we have – at Annual Council and in other venues – acknowledged that the reason we exist as a local church has become somewhat muddled.   Towards that end the Board has committed to praying for direction, and then setting aside time at each board meeting to discern the Lord’s will and purpose for our existence as a congregation. Harvey Payne leads this portion of our board meeting. This past month each board member was asked to submit their thoughts regarding our purpose.   As the board refines our purpose statement (and all that supports it), we will be bringing this to you, the congregation for your feedback and input.
Your Church Board consists of…
Staff: Voting members: Bill Shank, Shaun Kipe. Non-voting members: Ray Kipe, Brian Black, Jim Recard, Josh Roach
Congregational Representatives (elected at Annual Council) :  Matt Nolt, Harvey Payne, Angie Petersheim, Todd Smith, Joel Wenger, Lin Yoder
Deacon Representatives: Darwin Chamberlin, Mike Garland
Grounds & Maintenance Representative: Mike Hawbecker
Church Treasurer:  Gene Gorman
Sandy Gray serves as the recording secretary (non-voting member)