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New to Five Forks Church?

Every week we have individuals, couples or families visiting our church for the first time.   We do our best to follow up with each of our guests, and that job is made easier when the attendance cards are filled out with names and contact information, whether it be phone number, address or email address.

This past week we mailed out approximately 10 invitations to those who have recently started attending Five Forks, inviting them to our first Pastor’s Luncheon & Tour of 2017.   

The Pastors host these get-togethers where those new to the church can come and meet the pastoral staff, enjoy a light lunch, and then be taken on a tour of the church complex.
This upcoming Luncheon & Tour will be held next Sunday, April 2nd. We’ll gather in the Multi-Purpose Room (Gym/Café) shortly after noon and will wrap up by 2pm.
It’s possible that you have started attending in 2017 but did not receive an invitation. If so, we apologize but ask that you would contact the church office (762-2991) or email Pastor Bill ( and let us know you plan on attending.
Perhaps you stared attending at some point in 2016 but did make any of those luncheons.   Please know that you’re more than welcome to attend this upcoming event a week from Sunday.  Again we simply ask that you contact us so we know how much food to prepare.
These Luncheons have proved to be quite valuable for the staff and for our newcomers.   If you are new to the church, we hope that you will be able to attend!