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We Are Encouraged!

You may have read or heard that we have come up with 3 “church-wide” goals for 2017:

For each of us to identify 1, 2 (or 10) individuals/families to invite to Five Forks in 2017.  

This past Sunday we had 6 new couples/families worshipping with us for the first time. We will follow up with all of those who left contact information to let them know that they are welcome here.
For those of you who did the inviting, thank you!

For each of us to make the Sunday morning gathering the top priority of our week.

We are also grateful for those of you who have made this church-wide goal your own personal goal.   We are encouraged by the fact that our Sunday morning attendance in January and February was as high as it’s been since April of last year.   And this is not about numbers, but about spiritual growth.
The Church Board was intentional in not setting an attendance goal for this year as has been done in the past. While numbers are informative and we still track them, this year it is our desire to put an emphasis on spiritual growth. Thank you for making it a priority to attend one of the Sunday morning worship services as you look to grow in your walk with Jesus.

For each of us to intentionally look for opportunities to turn conversations in a spiritual direction.

This one is more difficult for us to measure of course, but we are aware that some of you have been able to share your faith with others as you have gone through some personal trials in the past few weeks. From talking about the reality of Jesus’ presence and power in your life, to something as simple as what you learned from the Sunday sermon…the opportunities to turn a conversation in a spiritual direction is often right in front of us.
Virtually every conversion began (perhaps years before) with a spiritual conversation. Thanks to those of you who are looking for opportunities to do this very thing!