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2016 Excess Funds

Finance Committee Meets to Disburse Excess Funds

Every February for the past few years our Finance Committee has had the privilege of meeting and determining how to disburse funds left over from the previous year.   At the end of 2016, once all bills were paid and a reasonable amount of money was carried over to start 2017, $30,000 dollars still remained in excess funds.
It has been the aim of the Finance Committee to use these funds to bless others as the Lord has blessed us.   Towards that end over 90% of these excess funds will go to ministries in our church that serve others (Deacons), or to missions/organizations outside our local church.
Here is how the excess funds will be disbursed:
Deacons – $7,000
Allegheny Conference (Pension Fund) – $3,000
Brethren in Christ Cooperative Ministries – $3,000
Young Life – $3,000
Revus Project (Mozambique) – $2,000
Brethren In Christ World Missions (Hades/Mozambique) – $1,500
Navigators (Sebald/Missions) = $1,000
New Hope Shelter – $1,000
Biblical Education Center – $500
Mennonite Disaster Services – $500
Christian Retreat Center – $300
My Brother’s Keeper (Romania) – $300
Navajo Missions (BIC Missions) – $300
International Project (Kings/NYC) – $250
Spice (BIC Missions) – $250
The following will receive $200 each:   Project Big Love…Hagerstown Rescue Mission…Gabrielle Sanfillipo (Missionary)…Brittany Smith (Missionary)…Waynesboro Ambulance Squad…Waynesboro Fire Department
The following will each receive $150:   Cumberland Valley Christian School…Shalom Christian Academy…Habitat for Humanity…Cumberland Valley Relief Center…Cedar Ridge Ministries…the Word FM…Camp Joy-El…The Tide…Spring of Hope…Women in Need…Meat Canning…Franklin County Jail Ministry…Child Evangelism Fellowship…Waynesboro Human Services…Uprise Festival…Wycliff Bible Translators.
$2,000 of the $30,000 will be kept “in house” and will be used to supplement our Health Insurance Fund.   $500 is being temporarily held and will be disbursed at a later date.
The Finance Committee is grateful for your generous giving and the Lord’s guidance throughout 2016.   We will continue to look to Him in humility, knowing that we deserve nothing, but confident in His love, care and concern for us, individually and as a congregation!