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Church Board Report – February 2017

Church Board Report to the Congregation – February 2017

The Church Board’s monthly meeting took place on Thursday evening, February 16th.   Here is a summary report from the February board meeting:



Every February the Board reorganizes and this month the following appointments were made: The Church Board Chair will be Pastor Bill (this is a 3-year term), Pastor Shaun will serve as Co-Chair (1-year term). Pastor Ray just finished serving two 3-year terms as Church Board Chair and is no longer eligible (2-term maximum).
The Board Secretary will be Lin Yoder and Sandy Gray will continue as Recording Secretary. Gene Gorman is in the second year of a 3-year term as Church Treasurer. Note: While not on the board, Harley Smith was appointed to serve as one of our Assistant Treasurers (Ron Strite is the other).


Bill requested that a small team be formed to help hold him accountable as this new structure/position (Administrative Pastor) evolves.   Angie Petersheim and Lin Yoder were appointed to this team and will meet with Bill periodically throughout the year.


In previous years the board has established two primary goals: A Sunday Morning Attendance Goal and an annual Conversion Goal. These numbers were set but we did not do a good job of keeping these goals before the congregation. At our February meeting the board established the following 3 church-wide goals:
1.  Each of us will look to identify 1, 2 (or 10) individuals/families to invite to Five Forks in 2017.
2.  Each of us will intentionally look for opportunities to turn conversations in a spiritual direction.*
3.  Each of us will commit to making the Sunday morning gathering the top priority of our week.
The Pastors have committed to keeping these goals before the congregation and – throughout the year – providing suggestions in regards to carrying out #1 and #2.   If we are willing to make these commitments, then the attendance numbers and conversion numbers will be impacted in a positive manner.         * A conversion goal of 75 was established by the board.


Bonnie Branthaver requested and received the Board’s permission to undertake the task of putting together a church picture directory. This directory would be accessed through the church website. Bonnie would assume responsibility for scheduling and for taking the pictures of those in our congregation willing to participate.   The board will require that a release form be signed by all participants acknowledging that they are allowing their pictures to go into the directory. The Board is also requiring that a password generated from the church office will be necessary for anyone to access this part of the website.   Passwords would only be provided to those who are a part of the Five Forks congregation.  Bonnie’s goal is to begin this sometime in the Fall.


One of our outreach ministries – Experience Life Outdoors – requested and received Board permission to hold a Turkey shoot this Spring/Summer.



The Search Committee for the Director of Worship Ministries reported that an invitation was extended to Josh Roach to lead worship in the Auditorium on February 19th.   The committee would then meet following the morning services and make a recommendation to the board.   Update: The Search Committee sent a recommendation to hire Josh to the board, and a special board meeting was held on Monday, February 20th.   The decision to hire Josh for this position passed with near unanimous support (1 dissent). An offer was extended to Josh the next day and he accepted the following day. Tentative starting date is Sunday, March 19th.
Pastor Shaun – on behalf of the Search Committee for the Director of Youth Ministries – reported that 27 applications have been received thus far with two candidates at the top of the list. One of them is an Associate Youth Director serving in Georgia, and will be coming to Five Forks for several days in early March to meet face to face with the Search Committee and to interact with our youth. The other candidate is a Senior at Messiah College and will also be brought in later in March to do the same. He is currently serving an internship with a large charge.


The Board continued preliminary work on the 5-year plan that was submitted by the pastoral staff in January.   Discussion primarily revolved around the need to identify and clarify who we are: our purpose, our values, our vision.
Your Church Board consists of…
Pastors: Voting members: Bill Shank, Shaun Kipe. Non-voting members: Ray Kipe, Brian Black, Jim Recard
Congregational Representatives (elected by the congregation) :  Matt Nolt, Harvey Payne, Angie Petersheim, Todd Smith, Joel Wenger, Lin Yoder
Deacon Representatives: Darwin Chamberlin, Mike Garland
Grounds & Maintenance Representative: Mike Hawbecker
Church Treasurer:  Gene Gorman
Sandy Gray serves as the recording secretary (non-voting member)