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Series Wrap

Nathan and Karen Hawbaker (and son Colton) look on as Pastor Ray dedicates Zachary to the Lord during the 9:30 service.

We’ve spent the month of February learning lessons from the life of Joseph and seeing how he often foreshadowed the coming and work of a “better Joseph.”

Lessons Learned

We learned that Joseph was able to resist 3 temptations (power, sexual, despair) because he had made God the overriding desire of his heart that allowed him to put all other desires in their proper place. (Week 2)
We saw how Joseph did not reveal his true identity immediately to his brothers so that they would be more than forgiven…they would be broken and changed. (Week 3)
We saw how Joseph brought about reconciliation with his brothers by avoiding God’s chair, taking God’s view, and imaging God’s love. (Week 4)

Foreshadowing Jesus (The Gospel)

We saw Joseph being turned into a savior for his family through suffering and rejection…but it was involuntary.   This foreshadowed how Jesus became a Savior for a much larger family through suffering and rejection, but He did so voluntarily. (Week 1)
We saw Joseph being numbered with the transgressors, even though he was not guilty of the accusation brought against him. This foreshadowed how Jesus was numbered with the transgressors though His was a life without sin. (Week 2)
We saw Joseph say to his brothers as they were being reconciled: “Don’t be afraid, I will provide for you.” This foreshadowed how Jesus came to provide a way for all of us to be reconciled to God. (Week 4)
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