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An Offer Extended

Many of you are aware that the Church Board invited Josh Roach to come and lead our time of worship and praise this past Sunday morning.   Last evening a special board meeting was called in order to discuss and decide whether to extend an offer to Josh to fill the position of Worship Director here at Five Forks.
After a good and thorough discussion the board voted and strongly approved (with one dissent) a motion to extend this offer to Josh. We will be contacting him today and will expect an answer back from him within a day or two. In the meantime we will be contacting references and conducting background checks.   If everything checks out – as we anticipate – and Josh accepts this offer, we will work with him on selecting a starting date.
We realize this is no small decision for our church, and we do not take it lightly. At our Annual Council meeting last month, I (Bill) recall saying at one point that “Growth means change and change means risk.”
Growth: We envision the Lord working through Josh to enhance the depth of worship in our hearts and lives as individuals and as a church.
Change: Bringing Josh onto the staff presents a new dynamic not only for the existing staff, but for the entire congregation as well.
Risk: While many on the board – and in our congregation – are very optimistic about the contributions that Josh will be able to make, there is always risk involved when making such a significant change. This would be a similar risk to the one that the congregation assumed when I was hired (or any of the pastors for that matter).
We are aware of concerns that some of our musicians/vocalist may have. These are concerns that any of us would have when it directly impacts us and our role (our ministry) here at Five Forks.   It’s been our desire to be clear that whoever is hired for this position is not being brought in to take over and do everything, but instead to work with our musicians/vocalists to help everyone grow. We anticipate learning from Josh even as Josh learns from us.
I speak for the board in expressing appreciation for the comments and feedback that we received this past Sunday.  And as could be expected within a large and diverse congregation there was a wide range of feedback with differing opinions.  Each of us have certain expectations for what “we are looking for in this position” and we recognize no one person would be able to fulfill each of our expectations perfectly.  The feedback highlighted significant areas where Josh is gifted and can move us forward in worship as well as identifying opportunities for further development.   We believe Josh possesses many of those critical skills we are looking for but also has the wisdom and humility to recognize and grow in his areas of weakness as he becomes personally familiar with our church family.
Today, as you pray for our church, please pray for Josh; that he and Laura will recognize God’s leading and will respond accordingly.   Whatever their decision, know that they expressed great appreciation for the manner in which they were greeted and how they were made to feel welcome this past Sunday.   Thank you for loving them and for your love for this church.
God is good!