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Sun & Frost

Josh Roach was our guest worship leader throughout the morning.  
“Why didn’t Joseph simply reveal himself to his brothers the first time they came to Egypt?”
This is the question that Bill posed yesterday as we continued learning lessons from the life of Joseph.
In order for Joseph, the brothers – or any of us for that matter – to be broken, healed and changed, God employs a method that Derek Kidner describes as “alternating sun and frost.”   We saw how God used this method with Joseph, then with Joseph’s brothers,  and not it’s up to us to recognize how God works it in our life.
We closed by looking at Judah’s offer to take the place of his brother, Benjamin…and how his offer foreshadows the offer that Jesus extends to us, willing to take our place, our blame.
You can watch, read or listen to yesterday’s message by going here:
Note:  We received 5 into membership at Five Forks yesterday morning:  Lee Yoder at the 8:00 service, and Cindy & Greg Stains, Frank & Cherle Carl (left to right) during the 9:30 service.