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Finding Your Rachel

Yesterday Pastor Bill had us continue to look at the story of Joseph, specifically the 3 temptations that he came face to face with in Genesis 39…power, sexual and despair.
While we spent most of the morning in chapter 39, Bill took us to a verse in Genesis 29 where we read about Jacob’s love for Rachel.   Jacob’s overriding desire for Rachel allowed him to put all his other desires in their proper place. This is how Joseph resisted the temptation to welcome the advances of Potiphar’s wife. He found his Rachel, and it was God…the overriding desire to please Him that allowed Joseph to put all other desires in their proper place.
Once we come to realize that we are Jesus’ Rachel, that is, the overriding desire of His heart, we can start making Him the overriding desire of our heart. That will allow us to put all other desires in their proper place.
You can watch, read or listen to yesterday’s message – Hard, Harder, Hardest – by going here:
Note: 10 individuals were baptized yesterday morning! This coming Sunday a number of individuals will be received as members of the Five Forks Church.