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Financial Report for the month of January

Late in 2016 we indicated that we would be changing the way that we report our finances, going from a weekly report to a more in-depth monthly report.    In the past, we have provided one and only one figure on a weekly basis, that being The Weekly Offering. While this is perhaps the biggest part of the overall financial picture, it doesn’t tell the whole story.
And so we committed to sharing not only contributions but also expenses. Also money that is contributed and designated for a specific ministry or cause (as shown in the Special Activities Fund).   As well as periodic updates regarding two special funds that we have through the church: Our Contingency Fund and our Benevolent Fund.
Here is the January Financial Report:


Balance January 12017 – $28,828.95
January Contributions = $101,035.10
     Jan.1 = $14,635  (Due to the holiday, only 2 services were held)
     Jan.8 = $25,055
     Jan.15 =$20,901
     Jan. 22 = $17,759
     Jan. 29 = $22,685
Weekly goal = $21, 211
YTD Goal = $106,055
Over/Under YTD Goal = -$5,040
January Expenses = $75,570.64
Balance January 31, 2017 = $54,293.41
 Note: Because expenses were unusually low in January, our bottom line almost doubled. This will balance out as some months will show a spike in expenses, above what is received in contributions.
Balance January 1, 2017 = $226,237.73
January income = $5,444.04
January expenses = $6514.42
Balance January 31, 2017 = $225,167.35