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Silence is Not Absence

Yesterday morning Pastor Bill took us to Genesis 37 and revealed a family that is about to be blown apart.   Three different parties – The father, Jacob…one of the sons, Joseph…and the other 11 brothers all have issues. And when it’s all said and done Joseph is sold by his brothers to a group of merchants who take Joseph to Egypt for a life of slavery.
All this was necessary of course, because a famine is coming and Joseph needs to be put into a position of power in order to save his family…and continue “the Messianic line” that will eventually lead to Jesus.
The interesting thing is that God appears to be silent throughout the passage.   But as Bill pointed out, God was intimately involved in everything that was happening. And the way that God worked to bring about salvation for Joseph’s family foreshadows the way that God works in order to bring about our salvation.
We ended by taking communion and fixing our eyes on Jesus on the Cross…seeing the depths of the love he has for each of us.
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