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How Times Have Changed

Yesterday Pastor Ray ended his message by talking about how things have changed over the past 20 years as evidenced by television’s highest rated shows.   20 years ago, the most popular show on television was “Cheers” which focused on socially marginalized people – from an eccentric postman to a neurotic psychologist.
“None of them would have been chosen to be in a church small group. Yet they found a place of acceptance in a Boston bar. The show revealed the hope that hides in every human heart, that somebody knows and accepts me now matter how different or abnormal I may appear.”  (Gorman)
Fast forward 20 years and the highest rated shows feature “winning for yourself at any cost.” The lone competitor winning it all, even at the expense of destroying their colleagues (Survivor, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, Temptation Island, The Weakest Link).
“Individualism now means not just independence, with a choice to care for our neighbors. Now we have no compunction about destroying them. For many people this is an everyday reality when they walk into the office, the classroom or even driving down the highway.”  (Gorman)
“And I ask,” Ray said, “Is it also true in church?   Ray has been doing a series called Counter Culture, and yesterday’s message focused on Creating Christian Community.  
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