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Preparing For Annual Council

Our 65th Annual Council meeting will be held next Wednesday evening in the Auditorium at 7:00pm.  Here are a number of things that will happen prior to our meeting:
Tomorrow evening – Wednesday, January 18th – we’ll be meeting at 7pm in the Auditorium for a time of prayer. We’ll be seeking the Lord’s direction in regards to decisions that need to be made…electing Church Board representatives…confirming Deacons, Grounds/Maintenance and Finance Committee members…approving the 2017 Spending Plan.  We’ll also be looking to Him for direction in all aspects of the life of our church.
Council Books
The Council books will also become available tomorrow as we plan on emailing this document to everyone on our church email list.   For those who do not have email, paper copies will be available tomorrow evening.  In an effort to save money on paper, ink, printing costs, etc…we are asking  those of you who have the ability to access the online document to do so rather taking a hard (paper) copy.
These Council books contain reports from the pastors and others who head up various ministries.  It contains a report from our church treasurer giving an account of 2016 expenses, as well as information regarding 2016 contributions and the status of various funds (debt reduction, benevolent, contingency, special activities).  You will also find the proposed 2017 spending plan that was submitted by the Finance Committee to the Church Board for their approval.   The board will be seeking your approval on the night of Council.
Church Board Information
Over the course of the next few days we will be sending out valuable information (via the website, Facebook, church newsletter) regarding the six candidates for church board.   As usual, there is a slate of six and you will be electing two to represent you on the board over the next 3 years.
The information coming your way includes a photo of each candidate, some information about themselves (family, occupation), ministry experience and their interest in serving on the church board.
This year voting will be taking place over a 10 day period, starting at the conclusion of our Council meeting and running through Sunday, February 5th.   Ballots will be placed in church mailboxes and ballot boxes will be placed in the mailroom and at the information tables on both levels on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings.  The ballot boxes will be found in the church office throughout the week.  Results will be published on Monday morning, February 6th.
The six candidates are:  Heather Ellerbrock, Sherri Flohr, Dave Hansen, Harvey Payne, Todd Smith, Jeff Stitely.
Please join us tomorrow evening for a time of prayer…open or pick up a copy of the Annual Council book…become familiar with each of the church board candidates and pray for God’s direction before casting your vote…and make plans to attend next Wednesday’s meeting!