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A Typical Christian

Praising Jesus during the 11:00 Service in the Auditorium.

What does it mean to be typically Christian? This was the question posed by Pastor Ray yesterday morning as he kicked off his 4-week sermon series called Counter Culture.  He quoted from a book titled “Unchristian,” where the author (Kinnaman) reports on a survey of what some people think about Christians…what they see as typical behavior.
Ray said that the responses were disconcerting, as many of the people who responded to the survey said Christians are typically judgmental, bigoted, homophobic, don’t care about the poor, the environment, justice and so on.  We’ll be spending the next four weeks wrestling with what we can do to change that reputation.
The first message in the series was called The Disturbing Presence of Jesus.  You can read or listen to yesterday’s message by going here (we’ll have the video posted as soon as possible):