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One Hour to Pray

We are calling all of those who are a part of the Five Forks congregation to meet in the Auditorium tomorrow (Wednesday) evening for an hour of prayer.   Our time of prayer begins at 7pm and will go until 8. This is in lieu of our weekly Bible Study.
We will be praying for our denomination, the Brethren in Christ, for the Allegheny Conference and for the Five Forks Church.
This week the Brethren in Christ denomination has set aside the first week of 2017 for a time of prayer and fasting.   Our Conference has challenged us with a series of devotionals titled, “What If…?”
Specifically, “What if the Allegheny Conference lived out the Sermon on the Mount in 2017?”
These daily devotionals will help guide us through our hour of prayer when we will ask God to help recognize..

…opportunities to serve in our Community in the name of Christ.

…those with whom we may have a strained relationship, and pray for them and their needs.

…material needs among those around us and listen for Jesus to show us how to address them.

…what it means to surrender everything to Him

..any area of our lives that might be hindering His work in us.

Please take the time to read chapters 5, 6 and 7 of Matthew’s Gospel in order to prepare.

Note: As in the past, we will gather close together in the back corner or the Auditorium in order to hear and be heard as we pray.