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Remember When These Doors…

Remember when we used to enter the church through the doors pictured above?
These doors served as arguably the main entrance into the church.   Many of us would park on the upper lot,  walk down the hill (along a driveway), down a few steps and into the church.   Others would park across the road and come up along a sidewalk that ran alongside of the Chapel before entering the foyer.
As construction began on Phase I of the Laying Bricks for Jesus project, there was a short time when we could still enter and exit through these doors.  As the work progressed, eventually these doors were no longer able to provide access into and out of the church.
Now these doors lead directly into the annex located between the original foyer and the Children’s Wing.
*  As we rapidly approach paying off the debt on Phase I of the LBFJ project which took place in 2009-10, we are taking some time to look back over some of the construction pictures we have archived.