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Pastor Brian to Begin 3-Week Chapel Series

How’s this for a sermon title?  “I’m Just Not Sure.”
I know.  It doesn’t exactly inspire confidence, right?  Yet, the Bible’s story of Zechariah, John the Baptist’s father, describes this very same expression of his heart as the pivot point of the account.  “How can I know for sure?” is the exact question Zechariah asks in response to God’s revelation.  Perhaps, then, there is something for us to learn here about our own response to God’s Word.
“I’m Just Not Sure” is the first in a three-part Christmas series I’m preaching in the Chapel, starting December 11th, and continuing through Christmas Day.  On the 18th, we will look at Mary, and her response to the Lord.  And on Christmas Day, the focus will be Christ Himself – and how He is the One who is both the foundation and the framework for how we should both react and then act when coming face-to-face with the Bible.  Hope you can join with us!  – Pastor Brian
Meanwhile, in the Auditorium….
We continue our sermon series called “Come Stand Amazed.”   Each week we are looking at the Advent Themes of Peace, Hope, Love and Joy from different perspectives such as the shepherds, Elizabeth, Joseph and on Christmas Eve, Mary.   Pastor Bill brings the message on Christmas Day where our focus will be on the Christ.
Note: Two services will be held on Sunday morning, Christmas Day. One in the Auditorium, one in the Chapel.   Both at 9:30.