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As we enter into the season of Advent, Pastor Shaun brought the Sunday sermon on the topic of Peace.  Shaun had us look at and consider the word Shalom, which is an all-inclusive peace…peace in all facets of life.  He said, “Biblical peace is when things are as they should be.”
But life isn’t always “as it should be.”   Sometimes there is – as Shaun put it – a disturbance in the force.   A disturbance in the world, in our personal lives, and with God.
But Shalom has been and is even now being restored.   Shaun said, “You see we often think that we won’t find peace or we can’t have peace until the future finally comes. Or that peace isn’t possible, while we’re in the war zone. The story of Christmas reminds us that Christian peace comes right down in the midst of the war zone.”
You can watch, read or listen to Sunday’s message by going here:  sermons – peace