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Time Sensitive

There are two “time sensitive” events currently in the works.
Five Forks Apparel
You still have a few days to order your shirts, jackets, etc. with our church name and logo on them. Go to this site: to view the store and make your selections. The store will be closing on Wednesday, November 30th.
Community Christmas Dinners
As you are probably aware, we set aside 5 nights in December to hold our Community Christmas Dinners…an opportunity for you to invite family and friends to your church for a delicious meal. If there is a specific night that suits you, you’ll want to reserve your spots sooner rather than later. Here are the latest figures (we can seat up to 325 per night):
Tuesday, December 6th : 149 (171 available)
Thursday, December 8th: 223 (97 available)
Friday, December 9th: 309 (11 available…2 blocks of 4 and one block of 3)
Tuesday, December 13th: 96 (224 available)
Thursday, December 15th: 176 (144 available)