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“It is not I.”

Pastor Bill talks about changes in our lives that lead to holiness.

Sunday morning – as we continued our series called Holiness is Christ in Me, Pastor Bill talked about what God has been teaching him lately when temptation comes his way.   Bill said that God not only reminds him that “this” is wrong, but more importantly, He has been reminding Bill who he is.  He has been “set apart” for God to use.
What God is doing in our lives is much bigger than whatever is tempting us at the moment.   He will help us put out the fires, but His highest priority for us is holiness.   Understanding that we’ve been set apart for His exclusive use.   May that become our highest priority as well.
You can read or listen to Bill’s message – Our Highest Priority – by going here:  Our Highest Priority
We will make the video available as soon as possible.