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Moving Forward

With the departure of Pastor Adam, many of you are likely asking what the plan is going forward.    This is a good opportunity to bring you up to date on both the Worship Director position and the vacancy created by Adam’s departure.
Worship Director Position
The Church Board appointed a Search Committee for this position earlier this year. They advertised the position, received and reviewed applications and narrowed the list, first to four candidates and eventually to two (both from outside of this area).
Invitations were extended to these two candidates to come to Five Forks and work with some of our musicians on different nights, and then both be given an opportunity to lead a night of worship for approximately 50 people including the Church Board, church musicians and their families.   While dates for this to happen were being determined, one of the two candidates accepted an offer at another church.   The other candidate was able to come and work with some of our musicians and lead a night of worship; in the end the board did not believe this was the person that Lord would have us hire for this position.
The Search Committee is continuing the process. They will be advertising the position in additional venues, receiving and reviewing applications, praying and trusting that the Lord will – in His time – lead us to the person He is calling to fill this position.
Pastoral Vacancy
Adam’s departure opens up a slot on our Pastoral staff.   For a number of years discussions have revolved around the possibility of one day moving Pastor Shaun from youth ministry to adult ministry, allowing him significantly more opportunities to preach (which we believe is one of Shaun’s spiritual gifts).
Adam’s departure opens up this door for Shaun and for our church, and so the plan is to turn our attention to hiring someone to fill Shaun’s position and once we do, move Shaun into the vacant spot created when Adam left.
While we are clearly at a point of transition when it comes to our staff, we are truly excited about possibility that the Lord will bring us two individuals who will join our team and help us move forward in the work of the King and His Kingdom.   We greatly covet your prayers as we look to Him to guide us and show us the way we are to go.