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Sunday morning we kicked off a 3-week series titled Holiness is Christ in Me.   Pastor Bill first talked about the need for holiness in our lives and in our church. Otherwise, “The world looks upon hateful, self-serving, undisciplined, greedy and impure people who nevertheless claim to be the people of God, and says, ‘You lie!’” (Oswalt)
Bill then explained how we have been “set apart” (made holy) by God – moved out of darkness into light for His exclusive use.
We finished by looking at our part, which is being totally devoted to God. Bill had us look at a story in II Samuel where we saw numerous examples of total devotion.
The devotion of the “Mighty Men” for David.
The devotion of David for God.
We also can see Jesus – and ourselves – in this story.   Like David, we have a need. Like David’s mighty men, Jesus delivered, only He didn’t just risk His life, He gave it. This is how devoted Jesus is to you and I.
You can watch, read or listen to yesterday’s message by going here:  The Fate of the Church
Next week: Bill brings the second sermon in this series: “Our Highest Priority”