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The Fate of the Church


This Sunday Pastor Bill begins a 3-week series titled Holiness is Christ in Me. The first message in the series is called The Fate of the Church…taken from a quote by John Oswalt who writes:
“The fate of the Christian Church in America and around the world depends upon what the Church does with the biblical doctrine of holiness.”  
Strong statement. One that we’ll be talking about.
Near the end of the message we’ll be looking at a brief and obscure story from Scripture (concerning King David) that has a very surprising – even shocking – ending…and provides very practical insight that helps us to embrace holiness.
Pastor Ray brings the message in the Chapel at 11:00.   He’ll be wrapping up the Living Out the New Life series from I Corinthians.   The message is titled The Resurrection Matters and Ray’s text will come from I Corinthians 15.


8:00 Service in the Auditorium

Worship & Praise: O Worship the Lord…O To Be Like Thee…Take Time To Be Holy…Take My Life and Let It Be.
Message:   The Fate of the Church

9:30 and 11:00 Services in the Auditorium

Worship & Praise: Rooftops…Strong God…This I Believe…Lord I Need You
Message: The Fate of the Church

11:00 Service in the Chapel

Worship & Praise: Low In the Grave…Lift Up Your Glad Voices…Jesus, Prince and Savior…He Lives
Message: The Resurrection Matters