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Hold On To the Gospel

Bill offers a prayer of thanksgiving and blessing for Adam during the 9:30 service. 
Yesterday was Pastor Adam’s final sermon at Five Forks, and as he was pointing out the timing of it all, he spoke about how at the end of I Corinthians where Paul says his good-bye, Paul writes something to this effect:  “And here is what is most important to hold onto.” Out of all the things we’ve been talking about, this is what really matters for you. Everything we’ve been saying, everything we’ve been doing… The gospel. Hold on to the gospel. Never let it go.”
Adam went on to share about how the Gospel transcends (even demands) times of physical separation.  The gospel also unites us even in the face of death.  And Jesus Christ secures the promises and fulfills the standard (which we cannot live up to) on our behalf.
You can watch, read or listen to yesterday’s message by going here:
This coming Sunday:  Pastor Bill begins a 3-week series in the Auditorium titled “Holiness is Christ in Me.”