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What Love Isn’t

The “Sandy & Friends” concert drew a nice crowd with many gifted musicians and vocalists participating.

Viewing In Negative Space

Last week Pastor Ray had us look at what love is.  This week during the 8:00 service in the Auditorium, Pastor Brian had us look at what love isn’t.  Brian said, “To get a message across, graphic artists sometimes use something called “negative space.” Emphasizing what isn’t there in order to highlight what actually is.”   Artists do it from time to time.  “In a similar way,”  Brian said, “we can get a clearer understanding of what something is by learning to see what it is not. And that’s one technique the Apostle Paul uses to talk about love in 1 Corinthians 13.”
Brian’s challenge:   In your relationships in doing church ministry – don’t envy, don’t boast, don’t be proud, don’t dishonor others, don’t be self-seeking, don’t fly off the handle, and don’t delight in evil! Learn what God says in His Word is most valuable in life. What He says is best. And do what you then can to make God’s best happen for others – regardless of what may happen to you or what others may think of you.  After all, that’s the same kind of love Christ has showered on us! He loved you and I so much, He gave His life for us! Can we do any less than that for each other? As Christ has loved us, so ought we love one another!

Love That Conquers Conflict

Pastor Bill brought the message (on what love isn’t) in the Auditorium at 9:30 and 11:00.  Bill pointed out that we have a problem because we have we not meet God’s standard of love.   What’s even worse:  we can’t.   But God sees our problem and has done something about it.
There is a love that conquers conflict.  Just as God “passed through the pieces” for Abraham because he couldn’t keep up his end of the covenant…Jesus assumed the consequences for our sin, our inability to meet God’s standard.  The message of the gospel is a message of grace.
You can access either (or both) messages from yesterday by going here:
This coming Sunday:  Pastor Adam brings the final message in our “Living Out the New Life” series.