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Large Payment Made on Loan

You may be aware that 2 or 3 times a year we are able to make extra payments on our loan for the 2010 Expansion that included the Auditorium and Children’s Wing.   This month – in addition to our regular $14,000 payment – we are able to make an additional payment of $48,000 on the loan.   The $48,000 comes from the “Laying Bricks for Jesus” envelopes, from the Mortgage Contingency Fund and from the Church Auction held last week.
The balance of the loan stood at $122,078 at the end of September.   With a total of $62,000 paid on the loan in October, only $60,000 will remain on what began as a 1.3 million dollar loan.   We are giving thanks to God for providing us with the funds to make these payments.

Looking for Nominations For the Church Board

The Discernment Committee is seeking nominations for Church Board from the congregation.   The DC will be meeting over the course of the next few months and one of their responsibilities is to submit a slate of 6 candidates with two being elected to serve 3-year terms.   This election will take place during our Annual Council meeting in late January. If you are interested in serving, or would like to nominate someone to serve, please make this known to anyone serving on the DC: Lee Grimm, Ray Harbaugh, Melissa Mitchell, Brad Sell, Adam Shank, Bill Shank, Jean Showalter, Rachel Showalter, Phyllis Witter.