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Paul shows the church “A Better Way”

There is a lot of bickering taking place in the church in Corinth.   There is probably some degree of bickering that has taken place in all churches ever since.  When this happens it only serves to weaken the witness of the church.  And so it’s important to study God’s Word, including I Corinthians where Paul writes about putting an end to conflict and division.
Yesterday we arrived at chapter 13 – the love chapter – as Ray brought a message titled “Love That Conquers Conflict.”
Here is an excerpt from Ray’s message:
Love rejoices in the Truth.  Truth – the gospel lived out.  A person reflecting the character of God refuses to find delight in evils such as war, oppression of the poor, natural disasters etc. or closer to home – the mishap of a brother or sister or a child’s misdeed. On the other hand such a person rejoices with every victory over sin that is gained, every forgiveness offered, every act of kindness.
Sometimes we rejoice when our opponents suffer evil.  Sometimes we rejoice when someone we don’t like very well falls into public sin. We may even pretend it is disgusting, but we are rejoicing in it.
If an all A student falters we don’t feel so bad, we may rejoice. When the star player on the other team is hurt and we have a better chance of winning, we may rejoice.
Love on the other hand rejoices in the truth.  Truth is more than accurate statements and consistent reasoning.  Truth is a person whose acts and words blend to draw a profile of human life as God meant it to be lived. Thus Jesus could say, “I am the truth.”
So love rejoices when it observes life lived in a way that mirrors the life of Jesus Christ.
You can watch, read or listen to Ray’s message by going here:
This coming Sunday:  Yesterday Ray covered I Corinthians 13:4-7 and addressed “What love is.”  This Sunday we will be looking at the same passage to discover “What love isn’t.”