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“Now about Spiritual Gifts…”

Jan Martin, Christina Martin and Dustin Martin lead worship during “Refuge” on Sunday evening. 
“Now about Spiritual gifts brothers, I do not want you to be ignorant…”  (I Corinthians 12:1)
When broken, flawed people come into the church, there is always the potential for division and conflicts to arise.  God has a remedy however…to place His Spirit in us with the purpose of everyone working together – using their gifts for the common good.
This is what Pastor Bill had us look at yesterday as we continued our sermon series called Living Out the New Life.   We looked at I Corinthians 12 where Paul addresses the topic of Spiritual gifts.   Because the gift cluster are many…because the ways to serve are many…because there are different degrees of working (potency), Bill said that this makes it very likely that every Believer in the room is uniquely qualified to meet a need in the church, perhaps more effectively than anyone else.
It doesn’t mean that God can’t come through if we don’t. But God has a plan and a purpose, and every Believer is in it.
You can read or listen to yesterday’s message by going here (we will make the video available as soon as possible):

This coming Sunday: Pastor Ray brings the message from I Corinthians 13 – What Love Is.