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When We Give Up Our Rights, the Problem Goes Away

Pastor Brian leads congregational singing during the 8:00 Auditorium service.
Many times in life, we have the right to “have our way.” It’s our turn.   We’ve got more experience, more knowledge, more status. But yesterday during his message, Pastor Shaun suggested that there is a better way.
As we look at division in the 1st century church in Corinth, Shaun’s message was about “disputable issues”….what to do when we disagree. Because what ailed the church in Corinth is an issue in all churches, or whenever a group of people come together.
Shaun pointed out that the apostle Paul called for “The way of Love.” It is in giving up our rights that many issues are resolved. When we give up our rights, the problem often goes away.
We look to Jesus as the basis for the way of love.   Jesus had every opportunity to demand His personal rights and freedom, but in order that me might securing unity with you and me, He chose to lay down His rights. The strong One gave up His freedom for the sake of the weak.
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