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Sunday At the Lake

Brad Cole leads a devotional from Ephesians this past Sunday at Raystown Lake.
This past Sunday (September 11) 102 teens and leaders from the youth group loaded up two of the church buses and headed to Raystown Lake for the day.  We arrived mid-morning and started the day with a church service by the lake.
Two of our teens, Sophie Kipe and Laney Grimm led our group in worship and Brad Cole led our devotional time, speaking from Ephesians 2.  There’s nothing better than sitting on the beautiful lake side, with a group of teens, looking out over the water and mountains worshiping together and hearing from God’s Word together.  Brad reminded us that even as we look out God’s amazing creation, in all of creation, WE are God’s workmanship, the pinnacle of His handiwork and created to live our lives IN CHRIST that we might do good works.
Following our worship time, we shared a delicious meal prepared and organized by Mary Cordell & Beth Swankler….grilled hot dogs and all kinds of snacks to go with it.  And then we hit the lake for water tubing, swimming, jet-skiing, fishing and plenty of wipe-outs!  There was even a group that trudged up the nearby mountain trail to enjoy the hawk-eye view from way above the lake.  You can check out pictures from our trip on the Five Forks Youth Group Facebook page
A big thank you to all of the leaders, boat captains, jet-ski pilots and also to Mike Knechtel & Bill Fortney who drove the buses full of crazy teens and spent the day with us.