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Living Out the New Life

Sean Bockstie (left)  & Peggy Dawson open the 11:00 Chapel service with “Nothing But the Blood of Jesus.”  
Pastor Ray kicked off our Fall Sermon Series – Living Out the New Life – with a message titled “Come to the Back of the Line.” We’re taking 8 weeks to identify things that cause division in congregations, and how to overcome these things. We’re looking at the Corinthian church because of the different types of divisiveness that they dealt with.
Ray’s message – from I Corinthians 1-4 – took us to the foot of the Cross. Ray challenged us to think about things that divide us, and then look at what Jesus was willing to do for us. Many – if not all – issues sound ludicrous when considering it from a proper perspective.
Ray challenged us to “Come to the back of the line.” Let others go ahead of us. Allow others to get what they want. Trust God, who says that the first shall be last and the last shall be first.
If we as a church are willing to adopt this pattern, we will become more like Christ as we “live out the new life.”
You can watch, read or listen to Ray’s message by going here: