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September Church Board Report

Your Church Board meets the first Thursday of every month (with the exception of July and December). Here is a report from last week’s board meeting:


Pastor Bill reported that our Sunday morning average attendance is down 71 compared to last year at this time (842/771). However there has been a moderate increase in attendance over the past few months. Bill also reported that giving continues to be encouraging.   We are currently $4,000 behind where we were last year at this time, but it was noted that – in addition to our regular giving – over $30,000 was raised for the Belize Missions’ Trip in 2016..


A few months ago CPA Rebecca Greenland spent several days at the church reviewing our accounting practices/records.   She offered several recommendations including the handling of the Sunday morning offering. In light of her suggestions, the board approved the following: “After receiving the offering the baskets should be carried to the (appropriate area) by two individuals who are 1) not minors and 2) not related. One of the two should be the “lead usher” for that week/service. The other should not be the same individual for successive weeks.” The board also provided specific instructions on how to handle the cash/checks, as well as the attendance cards that are also placed in the offering baskets.
The board continues its work on filling the position of Worship Director.   After several months of receiving applications and holding interviews the Board does not feel that the Lord has brought the person to us that is to serve in this capacity. The board has decided to set aside a month to pray and seek the Lord’s direction regarding the next steps to be taken.
The Board also discussed defining/clarifying hiring practices and length of terms in regards to pastoral staff, office staff, directors of ministries. More discussion will be taking place in the months to come. The Board also began working on those areas of the 2017 Spending Plan that fall under their area of responsibility.   The Board approved a motion to cover the cost of a counseling course that will be taken by Rochelle Nolt (who provides a significant amount of counseling for individuals and couples in the church).
Your Church Board consists of…
Pastors: Ray Kipe, Bill Shank, Brian Black, Adam Meredith, Jim Recard, Shaun Kipe
Congregational Representatives (elected at Annual Council) : Heather Ellerbrock, Matt Nolt, Angie Petersheim, Jeff Stitely, Joel Wenger, Lin Yoder
Deacon Representatives: Darwin Chamberlin, Randy Rock
Grounds & Maintenance Representative: Eldon Showalter
Church Treasurer:  Gene Gorman
Sandy Gray serves as the recording secretary.