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Cafe Crisis?

On the one hand, the Café that operates every Sunday morning appears to be in fine shape.
>>>   The café bustles with activity between services. It truly serves as a weekly gathering place for many in our church family.
>>>   A self-funded ministry, the necessary funds are coming in that allow us to offer a wide variety of options besides coffee and donuts.
So, what is the problem?
The same problem facing many ministries in many churches…volunteers. The café has been in operation for the past 6 years under the leadership of Dave & Julie Tiedemann. They have needed and used volunteers on two levels:
>>>  A few volunteers to assume leadership responsibility for one Sunday a month.
>>>  Many volunteers to serve a single 30/45-minute shift one Sunday a month.
As with many ministries, volunteers will serve for a while – perhaps for years – before something else comes along that moves them in another direction.
We find ourselves at a point where it is becoming very difficult to “replenish” our volunteer roster (on both levels).   We have approached numerous individuals personally to see if they are willing to help, but are putting this need out there in case you are willing and able to serve but have not been asked.
An inability to find the necessary volunteers could lead to scaling back and offering the “Express Café” (coffee & donuts only, requiring less volunteers) on a regular basis, as opposed to the “Full Service Café” which again offers a wide variety of food and beverages.
Can you help?   We need a few individuals who will assume leadership for one Sunday morning per month. We need many volunteers who will take one 30/45-minute shift on a Sunday morning each month. If you can help or have questions, please email Julie Tiedemann at