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When We Are Afraid…

Joyce Benedict opens the service in the Chapel at 11:00.
When we are afraid of what is happening around us, the truth is: God is there, He knows, and He cares.   This is what Pastor Ray wanted us to learn as he brought the message – Things That Go Bump in the Night – from Daniel chapter 11.
Daniel 11 is a very long chapter, and after looking briefly at the account of the kings of Egypt and Syria in conflict with each other, we turned our attention to “a view from under the sun” (a fatalistic approach) and “a view from above the sun” where God is working behind the scenes to bring about good, including His people’s rescue, their salvation.
You can watch, read or listen to yesterday’ message by going here:
This coming Sunday: Pastor Adam wraps up the series on Daniel as we turn our attention to chapter 12.