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It’s Our Turn

Yesterday’s message from Daniel chapter 10 began with a look at how God ministered to Daniel in the midst of his distress…reassuring him, touching him, strengthening him.   We looked at how God does the same for us, assuring us that we don’t need to have our life in order – all cleaned up – before He will listen to us.
Then we turned our attention to the curtain that God draws back in chapter 10, giving us a glimpse of the drama – the battle of good vs. evil – taking place in the heavenly realms.   The archangel Michael doing battle with the prince of Persia…and other passages that provide insight into this incredible drama that has been playing out…and that we’re a part of.
Pastor Bill pointed out that each of us have been given a turn on this historical timeline, and asked “What will we do with this one turn we’ve been given?” Our only choice is to allow Jesus to lead us through all the drama that has yet to play out as we take our turn…and then take part in an even better story as we live forever with Him.
You can watch, read or listen to yesterday’ message by going here:
This coming Sunday: Pastor Ray brings the message from Daniel chapter 11.