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“O God, We Have Sinned.”

Pastor Adam leads the congregation in a prayer of corporate confession during the 11:00 Auditorium service. 
Excerpt from Pastor Adam’s message – Corporate Confession of Corporate Sin – from yesterday morning:
“Now, there are 2 things we do that are very close to this kind of corporate confession, but are not the same. Do you know what they are?
Gossiping and complaining. 
Corporate confession, gossip, and complaints—do you know what all 3 have in common? All 3, at their heart, are talking about something that someone else has done that was wrong. Taking what someone else has done and putting it on your lips.
Here’s the difference: in gossiping and complaining you keep yourself separate from them. You’re over here; they’re over there. With gossip you talk about what they’ve done not to God but to another person. “Listen to this. Can’t believe what they did.” What you’re really doing is putting them down for their mistake, and really, to put yourself up. To make you and/or your friend feel better about yourselves, because you would never do something like that. Gossip. You’re “confessing” someone else’s wrong for them in a completely self-serving way.
What about complaining? We can complain in our conversations with others, but we can even complain in our prayers, can’t we? How many of our prayers are mainly venting about junk we have to put up with from other people? Now we phrase it the right ways. So it sounds spiritual and selfless. You know, “God, would you help so and so stop doing… Would you help them realize how wrong it is to… God, convict them of their sin.”
We’re talking about their sin to God, all right. But what are we doing? Same thing as gossip: putting them down, and we feel better about ourselves in our approach to God. All we’re really doing is acting just like them: scheming, conniving, trying to one-up people around us. Exact same heart as what’s behind whatever they did to frustrate you in the first place.
But if you’re truly righteous, God’s Word says, if you’re truly separate from what’s going on, the way you respond will be this. Daniel himself is innocent of the rebellion, sees it going on, then turns around and says, “O God, we have sinned.”
You can watch, read or listen to Adam’s message by going here:
This coming Sunday:  Pastor Bill brings the message – It’s Our Turn –  from Daniel chapter 10.