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How Will God Reach Them? And Us?

Daniel and his fellow Jews are living in captivity in Babylon. They have lost their homeland, their families are decimated, many of their fellow Jews are abandoning their faith and being assimilated into Babylon.  How will God reach those who desire to remain faithful? By reminding them of the Big Picture.
This is what we looked at yesterday as we turned our attention to Daniel, chapter 7 and entered into the apocalyptic section of the book. Bill’s message – Two Courtroom Scenes – had us looking at Daniel’s first vision, recorded here in chapter 7.
The first part of Daniel’s vision regarding the four beasts let Daniel know that there were difficult days coming (vicious and destructive earthly kingdoms). But with the appearance of the Ancient of Days in the second part – the courtroom scene – of his vision, Daniel was able to see that justice would prevail. And the third part of the vision indicated that one like a son of man would be coming and given authority, glory and power…and be worshiped forever. This is the Big Picture God was reminding Daniel of.
It speaks to us as well, because not only do we have the courtroom scene recorded in Daniel 7, but we are also aware of a courtroom scene of sorts that is recorded in Mark 14, where Jesus quotes Daniel 7, letting the religious leaders know that He is the Christ, the Son of God, the Son of Man.
As followers of Christ, it sometimes feels like we’re living in Babylon…in a foreign land. And we all have immediate concerns. But God will reach us in much the same way. By reminding us of the Big Picture. Difficult days ahead. Justice will prevail. Jesus is coming. And will rule a kingdom without end.
We keep our focus on Him, and we find ourselves able to deal with the immediate concerns.
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This coming Sunday: Pastor Ray brings the message from Daniel, chapter 8.