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Jesus Died For a Reason

Yesterday Bishop Rob Patterson – who serves as overseer of the Allegheny Conference – visited Five Forks and brought the morning message.   He indicated that he had previously followed our “Lies We Believe” series via the Five Forks web site, and was led to bring a message titled “The Greatest Lie Ever Sold:  ‘You will not die!'”
He began by taking us to the garden where Satan deceived Eve, telling her “You will not surely die!”  And thus it began.   She bought the lie, we have bought similar lies…and so Jesus had to buy us back.   Rob reminded us that while God is love, Jesus died for a reason.  He said that “there seems to be a theme that is gaining a fresh hold in our culture and the church:  You’re born deserving heaven, and you need to really, really be bad in order not to make it.  That’s the original lie; the mother of all lies.”
So what does it mean to be saved?   Rob reminded us that “the Bible always speaks  about our salvation in terms of relationship.    Jesus has extended an invitation for you to join Him.  If you’re going to be one with Him, it’ll be by belonging to Him.  You will want to know what He likes and doesn’t like, what His strategies are, where He wants you to play, and you’ll be willing to die for Him.”
You can watch or listen to Rob’s message by going here:
This coming Sunday:   We resume our Summer Sermon Series “The Gospel According to Daniel” as we turn our attention to Daniel chapter 7.  Pastor Bill brings the message as we leave behind “the stories” and enter into “the apocalyptic chapters” of Daniel.
Pictured Below:  Pastor Adam dedicates Finley Kay Barnett (daughter of Ben and Kelsey Barnett) during the 11:00 service.