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Jesus in the Book of Daniel

Pastor Jim arranged for some miniature ponies to be brought in to help promote Vacation Bible School which begins this coming Sunday evening.

You’ve got to love the word of God.
Yesterday during Adam’s message, he read the passage that contains the meaning of the words written on the wall by the hand of God (to Belshazzar): “Mene: God has numbered the days of your reign and brought it to an end. Tekel: You have been weighed on the scales and found wanting.” (Daniel 5:26b-27)
Those words came around two more times during Adam’s message as he made two incredibly significant points. First, in regards to ourselves, here was Adam’s quote:
“Everywhere the book ( of Daniel) is mocking our attempts at self-worship. Teaching us that if we want to be godlike on our own merits, on that basis we will be weighed, measured, and we will be found wanting. Every single time.”
Second, in regards to Jesus, here is what Adam shared:
“The Hand of God stretched out. Not just one of them, but two. Stretched out, and He was numbered. Isaiah 53:12. He was numbered with the transgressors. MENE. He was weighed on the scales of justice. TEKEL. And He was given over not to the Persians, not to Peres, but to Hades, and He was found absolutely sufficient, not wanting but sufficient, for your salvation and mine.”
Our sermon series is called “The Gospel According to Daniel.”   It implies that as we make our way through the book of Daniel, we will see Jesus.   I like what author Brian Chappell has written about this: “The goal is not to make Jesus magically appear in every detail of Hebrew history or prophecy but rather to show where every text stands in relation to the ultimate revelation of the person and /or work of Christ. Out goal as expounders of God’s Word – to state it again – is not to force every text to mention Jesus, but to show how every text furthers our understanding of God’s grace, of which Christ Jesus is the ultimate revelation. In many and varied ways the Lord shows us that He provides what humanity cannot provide for itself.”
We saw this yesterday morning firsthand as we read Daniel 5.
You’ve got to love the word of God.