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Upcoming Sermons in July

July 3 – Chapel

Speaker: Pastor Adam    Sermon Text: Daniel Chapter 3

 What kind of God would save in this way?

Did you ever worry that you didn’t get what you prayed for because you didn’t have enough faith? Or maybe that it was because you didn’t ask for the right thing? It’s not uncommon for people to think that having your prayers answered depends on the quantity or quality of the faith of the one asking.

Daniel 3 shows a completely different perspective: 3 men who experienced a miracle, not because they were so convinced God would do it (they weren’t!), but because of the One whom they had faith in. The 3 were not alone. There was Another with them. Come and see how Daniel 3 shows us how God is with us and how He saves in a way no one would have expected.

Scripture to Read: Daniel 3:1-30


July 3 – Auditorium  July 10 – Chapel  

Speaker: Pastor Bill     Sermon Text: Daniel Chapter 4

“I am…and there is none besides me.” Who is speaking? The Lord? It sounds like something He might say. But these are words uttered by Babylon (Isaiah 47).   We continue to see that Babylon is not just a place, but a mentality…one that persists today.   In our culture. In the church?

As we consider the words “I am”, we’ll be looking at yet another dream that Nebuchadnezzar has. Daniel chapter 4 is a dramatic account of a man’s ruin and restoration, revealing a gospel story of God’s mercy towards those who have stood against Him.   One who said “I am” but was humbled and came to bend the knee to the great “I AM.”   It serves as a reminder that God shows His grace to those who stand with Him now, even if they have failed to do so in the past.

Read Isaiah 47:8-10 and Daniel chapter 4.


July 10 – Auditorium   July 17 – Chapel  

Speaker: Pastor Adam    Sermon Text: Daniel Chapter 5

We see it all the time: people living it up, having a good time, living for the here and now. Sometimes we even try to use Christianity as a guarantee to get all the things we want right now. Is that what it’s really all about?

This week we’ll see a powerful comparison between the kingdom of this world and the kingdom of heaven. The one in supposed power, security, and control is completely upended by another who is seemingly overlooked, lowly, and powerless—yet the only one who’s truly understanding the situation.

Two men displaying two kingdoms. Which one are you really a part of?

Scripture to Read: Daniel 5:1-31


July 17 – Auditorium   July 31  Chapel

Speaker: Pastor Ray    Sermon Text: Daniel Chapter 6

 This Sunday we arrive at the final chapter of the narratives (stories) that we are so familiar with. This chapter is no exception as we turn our attention to Daniel in the lion’s den. Unlike the drawings we normally see of a youthful Daniel in the den, at this point in his life Daniel is more than 90 years old.

The Lord allows the aged Daniel to face his greatest challenge in the lion’s den to say to his people then and to us now: “Trust me.”

Daniel was able to trust God, not just because he found himself in the midst of a great crisis, but because this is simply what he had been doing for decades. However we need to be careful not to praise Daniel’s courage apart from the God who granted it.   Still, there are valuable lessons to be learned from Daniel’s life.   Can we come to trust God to grant us the courage that – like Daniel – we will need in the days to come?


July 24 – Auditorium  (11:00 Services combined)

 Special Guest Speaker: Bishop Rob Patterson

 The Bishop of the Allegheny Conference – Rob Patterson – will periodically visit and preach the sermon at the 30+ churches in the Conference. He will be joining us at Five Forks on the 24th and bring the morning message. We’ll combine the 11:00 services in order for everyone to have the opportunity to hear Rob speak.


 July 31 – Auditorium  

Speaker: Pastor Bill    Sermon Text: Daniel Chapter 7

 The first six chapters of Daniel consist of the great stories many of us are familiar with…the Lion’s Den…the Fiery Furnace…Nebuchadnezzar and his dreams. This Sunday we arrive at chapter 7 and enter into what has been described as “the dangerous part of the book.”   We leave the well-known stories behind and enter into what is called the “apocalyptic section” dealing with the ultimate destiny of the world.

Here in chapter 7, it is Daniel’s turn to dream.   And as you read it, you may feel as if the chapter is difficult to understand. Behind the complexities of the dream, the message is a simple one: We are a small part of a very big picture, and this is what we’ll be looking at throughout the message.

We’ll talk about the greatness of our God…the Ancient of Days. We’ll also talk about the goodness of our God, who – in spite of our sin and failure to keep His commands – came down to us, remaining faithful even when we have been unfaithful.