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Your Approach to Life?

Our Missions Team arrived safely in Belize on Saturday.  You have the ability to follow the progress of the team throughout the week by going this website:

Your Approach to Life

Yesterday’s message – The Image of God – had us consider 3 different approaches to life. (Pastor Adam began by saying that what he had to offer could change your life.)

First, the approach of an Idol. The nature of idolatry is to set up towering expectations on a tiny base, putting unrealistic expectations on someone or something that was never meant to carry the weight. We want to examine our lives and make sure we have not made an idol of our family, finances, appearance, status, etc.

Second, the approach of faith. Biblical faith is not confidence in the quantity or quality of your approach; it’s confidence in the One you’re approaching. “Desire plus optimism does not equal faith. Real faith is tougher, more resilient, more aware of the complexities of a fallen world, and more trusting of a sovereign God.” (Chappell)

Third, the approach of God. This “divine-human God-man” protects Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, and keeps them safe, but of course the most telling part of the story is that He keeps them safe and He preserves them not just by plucking them out of the fire of judgment but by entering into the fire with them.

You can watch a replay of yesterday’s 9:30 service by going here:

Next Week: Pastor Bill brings the message – I AM – from Daniel Chapter 4.