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Help Us Rebuild Our Prayer List



Earlier this month the Church Board made the decision that the church office would not publish names of those in our church family who had been hospitalized or undergone a medical procedure without the consent of that individual (or someone authorized by them to speak on their behalf).



The immediate impact is a drastic reduction in the amount of names on the list that goes out to our Prayer Warrior’s team and other prayer groups. We are essentially starting over, and so we need your help in rebuilding our prayer list.



We know that the Lord is fully aware of all things, but as a church family we care about each other and so we prefer to go to Him with specific names and specific needs. At the same time there is the recognition that there are people who wish to keep their names and situation private (or limited to a select few).   And so while we strongly believe in praying for one another, we also are committed to respecting the privacy of those who desire it.

Our goal then, is to obtain consent from all of those who wish to be placed on our prayer list and continue to provide this list to many of our Prayer Groups. Our hope is that within a short period of time, our prayer list will contain the names of all those who are seeking prayer from their church family.



There is helpful information to be found if you go to this site:

You will see that the church is not bound by the HIPPA regulations that deal with the transmission of health information.   That is, the church does not violate HIPPA “in making relevant information known about a church friend or member, by means of a church prayer list, letter, or Web Site.”

However they go on to point out that doing so could be construed as an “Invasion of Privacy” if you reveal the details of a member or employee’s medical condition, without his/her prior authorization.

Their recommendation is for churches to develop a church policy where consent is obtained prior to the publication of names or any facts or conditions of any person. According to this site: The best option is “to develop a release form that would need to be signed prior to any form of publication.

In order to make this as easy as possible for our church family, we are not looking to develop a written release form that needs to be signed; we will be satisfied with verbal consent from the individual or someone authorized by them to speak on their behalf.



Please help us in getting the word out.   If you would have a need and would like to be added to our prayer list, please contact the church office ( with your consent.