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Pictured above: Pastor Jim took a few minutes in each service to share about next months Vacation Bible School.



Pastor Shaun talked about Faithfulness as we kicked off our summer sermon series called “The Gospel According to Daniel.”

We first looked at The Risks of Faithfulness. There is the temptation to compromise and put at risk the convictions that are important to our faith. There is also the risk of obedience, where we could end up being humiliated or astracized.

Shaun then pointed out The Reason for Faithfulness. One of the primary reasons to remain faithful is because the risks we face help to prepare us for what is yet to come. Each choice that you and I make to live faithfully (or not) begins to impact the person you are becoming.

We closed by looking at The Rewards of Faithfulness. First, it’s good for your personal well-being.   Following God is not just about following the rules so God can say “good” or “bad.”   At the heart of each rule is, do we trust God to know what is best for us?

The second reward of faithfulness is our witness. It was true in Daniel’s life and it’s true in ours as well. As we entered into a time of communion, Shaun reminded us that Jesus lived a life of perfect faithful obedience in order to secure The Rewards of Faithfulness for you and I.

You can read Shaun’s message by going here: