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June Church Board Report


Your Church Board meets on the first Thursday of the month (with the exception of July and December). The Board took action on the following 3 items at the June 2nd Board meeting:

Shalom Christian Academy has reserved our Auditorium for a Choir Festival that will be held in April of 2017. The board approved waiving the rental fee for use of the Auditorium. The Board will often do this with organizations that we help support or partner with.

The Board approved a change in policy when it comes to publishing names of individuals who have undergone a medical procedure, been hospitalized or experienced a death in the family. In the past we would publish these names in a variety of ways (prayer lists, on the screens prior to the services) without receiving permission; only refraining when asked by the individual to do so. While we are not obligated to abide by the HIPPA regulations, the board believes it wise for the office to only publish names after receiving permission by the individual to do so (or from a friend or family member who has received permission from the individual to have this information put out).

General Conference (a bi-annual meeting of delegates from all Brethren in Christ Churches across the United States) will be held in Florida in July. The board approved a request to appoint Sherri Flohr to serve as a delegate of Five Forks (at no cost to the church). Sherri will be joining Pastor Ray and his wife Darlyss, and Adam and Heather Ellerbrock as delegates from Five Forks.

The remainder of the board meeting consisted of discussion regarding several ongoing matters that will likely become action items at future board meetings, such as: The position of Worship Director, updating our Child Abuse Prevention Policy, developing a Paid Leave and Medical Leave Policy, studying Rebecca Greenland’s Financial Report, examining the structure and function of the Church Board.

Your Church Board consists of Pastors Ray, Bill, Brian, Jim, Shaun, Adam… Darwin Chamberlin, Heather Ellerbrock, Gene Gorman, Matt Nolt, Angie Petersheim, Randy Rock, Jeff Stitely, Eldon Showalter, Joel Wenger, and Lin Yoder. Sandy Gray serves as the recording secretary.