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How Was Your Rest Yesterday?

We evaluate each other by what we do…not by how we “rest.” We talk about how busy we are, implying “poor me.” While what we’re really trying to imply is how important we are. There is a time for rest. But we are so wired into thinking that our worth, our significance comes from what we have going on, and it’s a lie we believe.

This was what Pastor Adam had us think about during the message on Sunday morning. He pointed out that “Rest is everywhere in the Bible”, sharing these words from the Lord found in Isaiah 30:15 “In repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength, but you would have none of it.”

After looking at the roadblocks to salvation, Adam pointed out that the Bible “tells us over and over that the way to meet with God, the real way to experience flourishing and thriving and the life we’re longing for, is through rest.”

God is not so much interested in helping you accomplish what is needed as He is in accomplishing what is needed for you and in you. At the Cross, the work was done for us while we did nothing for it.

Adam left us with a number of challenges: To ask each other “How was your rest yesterday?” To not set for a goal of being less busy, but the goal of getting closer to Jesus. To limit the illusion of digital productivity.

You can watch, read or listen to the message by going here: How Busy I Am Shows How Important I Am/

Next week’s lie: “If Only My Situation Changed, Then I’d Be Happy.”