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Five Forks Gear


Many of us will go out in public wearing a shirt, a jacket or a hat that makes clear the sports team we follow.   Sometimes we run into people who are fans of the same team and this can lead to a great conversation. Sometimes we run into fans of other teams – rivals – and this can also open up doors of conversation, hopefully civil.   :-)   The bottom line is that what we wear can bring about opportunities for conversation: Who we root for, and why.

Have you ever wished that you had some attire that would carry the Five Forks Church name with it?   The Communications Team has been working to make various items such as t-shirts, polo shirts, hoodies, etc. available for purchase by those of us who call Five Forks home. These items will carry our church name and logo, and hopefully bring about opportunities for conversation regarding where we go to Church, and why.

Order forms will soon be appearing in your church mailbox for those who are interested in purchasing one or more items. We plan on receiving orders starting on Sunday, May 22nd through Sunday, June 5th.

Here’s the process:


As stated above, order forms will soon appear in your church mailbox.   You must complete your order form and turn it in to the Church office or place it in Julie Tiedemann’s church mailbox.  No order can be filled without submitting a hard (paper) copy of your order form.  


 You can pay one of the following ways:

1.  Click on “Online Giving” at the top of this page.    Fill in all Card information including the total amount under “Five Forks Gear.” The office staff will be able to match up your payment with your submitted order form. However, please indicate on your order form that you have place your order online.

2.  By check or credit card on Sunday morning May 22nd, May 29th, or June 5th.   Go to the church office between 9am and 11am on any of these 3 mornings to submit your order form and pay by check or credit card.   Make check payable to Five Forks Church with “Five Forks Gear” written on the memo line.  You can also order and pay through the Church Office during the week (Monday through Friday from 7am until 3pm).

Note: The goal is not to make money, but to get our name and logo out in the community.   Any funds brought in above and beyond the cost will be placed in the General Fund.